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Hello, here are the social networks where you can find me. (Some are only in Portuguese, sorry for that).

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle channel: Carolina França

Geek channel: Carolia Geek

Vlog channel: More Carol

Twitter: @_carolinafranca

Instagram: @_carolinafranca

Tumblr: carolinafrancaa

Lookbook: carolinafrancaa

Flickr: carolinafrancaa

Pinterest: Carolina França

Goodreads: Carolina França

TV Show Time: carolinafrancaa 

Skoob: Carolina França (it’s a Brazilian social network for readers, only in Portuguese)

Filmow: carolinafrancaa (it’s for films/TV series/documentaries lovers, only in Portuguese)

Banco de Séries: carolinafranca (for TV series lovers, only in Portuguese)

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