About me

Hello guys, my name is Carolina França, I’m 19 years old and this is my little place on internet. I’m a Luso-Brazilian girl who lives in São Paulo – Brazil and in 4 months I’ll go to London to do an exchange.

I’m that dreamy girl who creates thousand stories before sleep and often lose myself inside my own parallel world. After much sacrifice myself for others, I learned to never give up and always chase my dreams, don’t matter how crazy, hard and far they seem to be. They don’t always happen the way and when we expect, but I’m very grateful for, after a long, difficult and persistent wait and some plans change, things are finally happening (hello London).

I’m a passionate person in love with life, all kinds of art, family, friends, animals (by the way, I have two guinea pigs named Harry and Rony – yes, potterhead here) and new places and cultures, which takes us to one of my biggest dream: travel around all the world.

This is me, a Portuguese girl who has never been in Portugal, who always tries to take something good, no matter how difficult the situation has been. And this is just the beginning. I’m just starting to live my dreams.

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