Luxury bags wish list

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Who doesn’t have that list of expensive things that would love to have, but probably never will? Well, in my case, isn’t just one, but many. Sometimes I spend hours on luxury selling websites and put many products in my shopping bag. After all,  dreaming is free, right guys. One of the categories I like the most, it’s of. Although the majority costs like a kidney, because they last a lifetime, I think it’s something that is worth the price, if you have the condition to pay for it. Which is not my case, but I keep dreaming anyway. Today I’ll share with you, my 6 luxury bags wish list.

1. Gucci Sylvie embroidered leather top handle bag – Cruise 2017 in light blue and 2. Gucci Soho leather Disco bag in blush textured leather

This is a brand that, in the past, didn’t catch much my attention. But, right now, Gucci is one of my favourites. Not only the handbags but also the clothes, shoes, accessories… The bag number 1 looks like a piece of art. The colour is different from what I usually like, but it matched very well with the embroideries. The embroidery flowers are super delicate and they make the difference. The 2° handbag is a brand’s classic, however, it’s difficult to find in this colour, because it was part of a past collection. The Soho Disco bag has a much more affordable price if you compare with the others. In addition, it’s a piece that goes with everything. The ones in white and red are also pretty.

3. Mansur Gavriel mini Bucket bag in carammello or black with pale pink interior

This is a different bag than I usually like. I have a preference for more square and structured purses. But this one, because of its shape, gives a more street air to the looks. Giving a nice contrast to the more sophisticated looks I like.

4. Saint Laurent Classic small or baby Sac De Jour in pale blush leather

Although this colour is not part of the permanent collection, it has been sold for a while. This is a classic bag. The format and structure make it a super elegant and sophisticated bag. The colour, which you must have noticed I’m obsessed with, is beautiful.

5. Chanel medium CC Filigree Vanity Case bag – Spring 2016 and 2017 in beige

This bag is the one at the top of my list. Chanel’s vanity cases have been on the market for decades. In the past, it was made to carry women’s makeup. A few years ago it was reinvented to day-to-day life. It’s not a brand’s recurring piece and they are not produced on a big scale, so it can be a little difficult to put your hands on one. The rectangular shape is what makes it special and unique. I have other Chanel handbags on my wish list, like the classics Boy and Classic Flap, but I’ve decided to put this here because it’s not so well known.

6. Givenchy Antiogona bag – Spring 2014 in grey

This Givenchy bag has had its Instagram big break a few years ago, but it’s still on my list. The trunk format is a brand’s classic and differs from other bags. Although the grey-coloured piece is from the 2014 collection, it’s still easily found on sites that sell online designer products.

This is part of my wish list of luxury bags. I hope you have enjoyed it and tell me which bag you would love to have, regardless the price.

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