June 2017 playlist – Taylor Swift special

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Another month, another monthly playlist. And this time, it’s a special one. Taylor Swift returned to the stream services and with that, I’ve spent days listening to her songs. Because of that, I thought, why not do a special playlist to celebrate the return of my favourite female singer? That’s what I’m doing today. Here is my June playlist with my favourite TS’ songs.

Taylor Swift

Teardrops on my Guitar is one of my all-time favourite songs by Taylor. This song meant a lot to me when I was a teenager because I could see myself in it. The chorus is basically about me during that time. I also think the lyrics are so pure and innocent. Cold as You was one of the songs I rediscovered while listening to Taylor’s discography on Spotify. I love the melody of this song.


6 year ago, at my fifteen birthday party, I entered the salon with White Horse. Because of that, this is a very special song to me. You’re Not Sorry was another song that I rediscovered. I love the melody and I think it’s a very old-school Taylor song.

Speak Now

Now, my favourite album! Back to December is the only song Taylor apologises for something. I couldn’t let it out of the list. Enchanted is such a good song. The melody is a bit more animated than the usual old TS songs. I confess that I spent the whole Speak Now era waiting for the video clip of this song. It would be soo good. Last Kiss. This is one of the songs I show when people say Taylor isn’t a good songwriter. The lyrics are incredible and it represents very well a relationship. 


My least favourite album, but curiously contains my favourite song. All Too Well, together with Teardrops on my Guitar, is my favourite song of all times. For me, it’s Taylor’s best song. The lyrics are so personal and deep. I love the “Hey you called me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest.” part. Begin Again is such a sweet song. The official video takes place in Paris and it’s very me.


Blank Space broke many video records, so of course, I had to put it in here. I love how the lyrics and music video joke with what media says about Taylor. And the last one is Style. This song makes me dance around the room while singing along. Also, the music video is beautiful.

This is my June playlist – Taylor Swift special. I hope you all enjoy and tell me which Taylor’s songs are your favourites.

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