Blogs I am loving – part 2

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I love to discover new blogs to read. To find people with similar taste and interests, in addition to a writing style that I like. At the end of last year, I did a post with three blogs that I was loving at the moment and today I’ve decided to do a part two. Although these blogs don’t need an indication, I think it’s cool to share a bit of love. Here are 4 blogs I am loving.

Pardon my Obsession by Caroline (Franch and English)

Logo of the blog Pardon my Obsession, one one the blogs I am loving

Starting with my new discovery. Caroline is a Parisian blogger and has a dentistry degree. On Pardon my Obsession, she talks about her life in Paris, beauty and posts many incredible looks of the day. I love Paris,  so I couldn’t not like this blog.

Margo & Me by Jenny Cipoletti (English)

Logo of the blog Margo & Me, one of the blogs I am loving

I have no idea where to start. Jenny is a blogger from Los Angeles and guesses what, she is obsessed with Paris. On her blog, she talks about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, everything accompanied by amazing looks. Jenny has a super sophisticated and feminine style.  Besides this, her blog and channel are very well produced. She is one of my biggest inspiration.

FashionCoolture by Flávia Desgrandes van der Linden (Portuguese and English)

Logo of the blog FashionCoolture, one of the blogs I am loving

Brazilian, on her blog, Flávia talks about fashion and cool places, but the main posts are the ones about looks of the day. She is able to incorporate new trends into her romantic and preppy style. Because of her incredible looks, the blogger has the most popular profile on the famous website Lookbook.

Blog Pixie by Vanessa (English)

Logo of the blog Blog Pixie, one of the blogs I am loving

Besides her personal blog, the Australian own the Blog Pixie. On this blog, she gives some tips on how to blog and design. She also provides many free things, like fonts (letters) and wallpapers. It’s a very useful blog.

These are the blog I’m following lately. If you know or have any interesting blog, tell me in the comments. At the moment, I’m searching for blogs written in Spanish, so I can practice the language.

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