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Millennial pink: inspirations and how to use

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Millennial pink is a colour that has dominated the world and promises to stay for a long time. This shade of pink doesn’t have a specific code, in fact, it’s various shades of a pale pink or blush pink. The colour came back when Pantone announced the Rose Quartz as one of the colours of 2016 and since then, it has not gone away. This colour won the public in such a way, that it has been used from clothes and hair, to even in decoration. The millennial pink is a delicate, classic and calm colour, a great complement to the modernity of the present day. It also brings a certain nostalgia. Check out below some inspirations on how to use the colour of the decade.


The millennial pink goes very well with the basic colours: black, grey and mainly white. Jeans is a material that goes really well with the colour, giving a more casual touch. Total pink monochromatic looks are beautiful and elegant, the trick is to use pieces with different textures.


In the accessories the colour looks beautiful with black and white looks, giving a touch of colour to the production. Accessories of this colour can also be worn with burgundy, red and other pastel shades.


In decoration, the colour’s palette isn’t much different from the mentioned previously. The colour matches with grey, white, cream and rose gold. This colour combination makes the environment super cosy.

On the runaways

Molly Goddard – Marcus Tondo | Emilia Wickstead – Yannis Vlamos | Erin Fetherston – Marcus Tondo | Gucci – Yannis Vlamos | Huishan Zhang – Luca Tombolini | Adam Lippes – Adam Lippes | Christian Siriano – Edward James

Of course, the high-end brands couldn’t stay out of this trend. Brands like Gucci, Valentino, Céline, Erin Fetherston e Emilia Wickstead used the colour.

So what about you? Did this colour that is winning the world, win you?

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