How to layer clothes to winter

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Winter is almost here and a great way to stay warm and stylish is layer clothes. The idea is to created layers and put pieces over pieces.  This is a great way to wear summer clothes during winter. Today I’ll show you some nice ways to layer clothes during winter.

Jumper + shirt

Margo and Me | ? | ? | ?

This combination is super classic and casual. The trick is to let the collar, sleeves and the of end the shirt appearing, giving a certain charm to the look. This combo is very versatile and can be used in many ways. With trousers, skirt, cropped or a long jumper. The combination of these pieces gives the look a more boyish and preppy style, which are in at the moment. To give an even more special touch, it’s nice to use a jumper with some detail or to add a maxi necklace.

Dress + shirt

Margo and Me | Julia Sarr-Jamois | ? | Fisayo Longe

A combination that was super on trend last season, with the sleep dresses over T-shirts. For winter, bet on more structured dresses and long-sleeved tops. There is no rule regarding the neckline, you can use from sleeveless pieces to strapless ones. This is the time to take off the summer dress from the closet.

Coat + coat

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With all the other combinations you can put a coat on top, but how about using two? With two coats you look stylish and stay warm. You can use the coat over a jacket, blazer, or even other heavy coat. The tip here is to use pieces with different colours, materials and details, so both can be seen.

On the runaways

Burberry – Giovanni Giannoni | Adam Selma – Edward James | Milly – Marcos Tondo

Simone Rocha – Kim Weston Arnold | Bibhu Mohapatra – Yannis Vlamos | Marc Jacobs – Umberto Fratini

Of course, I had to mention the looks of the past fashion week. These looks are not for us mortals, but we can get the essence.

As you could see, layering is something super versatile and can be used in numerous combinations. A coat can be put on top of all the combinations to stay even warmer. 

Are you already using this technique? I particularly love it!

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