2 years blog anniversary

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2 years. Last month, 12th, the blog completed 2 years. It’s so strange to think that basically nothing has changed. That my life is practically the same. When I started the blog I was unemployed, hadn’t started university yet and didn’t have a boyfriend. Today, two years later, everything is the same, but at the same time, so much has happened. And this is what I want to talk today.

The blog has been with me through incredible moments and sad ones as well. Something that has happened pretty often during the past months, but today I want to talk about the good things.

The first one and the most important: my exchange. Five months after I created the blog I accomplished a big dream. After dream and wait for so much, I went to my exchange in London. Although I was really far from my family and friends, they were the best months of my life. I, who had always been shy and dependent on my parents, had to do all myself and create even more responsibility than I already had. It was a liberating experience that added so much to me. And I’d do everything again. I fell in love with the city and with the life I had there. I really hope I can go back someday and live in London again. Also, I hope I can take my parents to visit the city I fell in love with.

A few months after the blog’s first birthday, I received the first, and the only so far, reward for it. I got a credential for the Bienal do Livro de São Paulo 2016, a gigantic book fair that happens here. It may be a small thing for most, but it meant a lot to me. To stand out in this blogging and YouTube world is not easy. At the moment, there are so many people trying that, every achievement, even the smallest, fills me with joy. Every comment and view is very important to me. So, that little credential, that I used just for one day, made me believe that maybe I’m doing something right.

Also last year, I gave a step in the direction of another big dream I have since I was a kid: to take acting classes. I toke a basic course and that, although fast, impacted so much on me. It was like freedom. I found myself in that place. As I have already said, I was always shy and the exchange helped a little bit with it. But, the acting brought a Carol more open to people, spontaneous, playful and not that shy anymore. There I could be the person I was, but I used to hide. And now I don’t hide anymore. The combination of the exchange with acting did the Carol that used to live inside me, be free. I want to continue studying acting so much, professionally this time, because, as I said, there was the place where I found myself.

Of course, I couldn’t not talk about the changes that happened here since the blog was born. At the beginning, the focus were more pop culture and entertainment in general. As the months passed by, more subjects got in and now I also talk about things I’ve always liked, but used to put aside because they’re things that most of the time are considered futile. But I think I found a balance. The focus of the blog has changed, like me and maybe it’ll change in the future again, after all we are constantly changing.

Even thought, outside everything is the same, I have changed.

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