New York Fashion Week 2017: Day 7

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We’re almost at the end! Today’s post is about the highlights of the seventh, and the last but one, day of one of the most important fashion events in the world, the New York Fashion Week.

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Michael Kors

Photos: Yannis Vlamo

Michael Kors was another designer who brought a political touch for the collection. He said he wanted to show the strong and sensual woman. And he did it. The collection used heavy fabrics, like the tailoring and knitting. The pieces with an office look, won a modern touch with crevices and cutouts. In addition, a wide belt was present in some looks.

Anna Sui

Photos: Yannis Vlamos

Inspired by the reform in her flat, the designer brought a collection with vintage airs. Sui played with prints that reminded of old sofas and curtains. Many colours and prints mixed together marked the collection. Besides it, the stylist a casting with the current most famous models, the Hadid sisters, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Hill. 


Photos: Umberto Fratini

I love when brands use a more romantic style, because this is part of my personal style. Femininity and romance are always present in the Marchesa collections, and this time it wasn’t different. Fluid dresses with transparency and embroidery, seemed to have come out of a fairy tale. Moreover, the brand decided to inspire this collection in Imperial China, with colours, embroidery and collars that refer to the time.

Ralph Lauren

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni

Ralph Lauren has created a collection inspired by safari. From the earthy tones to the animal prints, everything went back to such expedition. Not that someone in their right mind would wear those clothes in such situation. The stylist completed the looks with large bags and maxi necklaces.

The New York Fashion Week is coming to an end. Just remembering that after this, we will still have the fashion weeks of London, Milan and Paris.


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