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Music has a big importance in my life, even thought I don’t to play any instrument and I don’t know how to sing #shameonme. Music follows me all the time and always marks important moments in my life. If I’m not singing, I’m listening to something instrumental. It looks like that music calms and inspires me. I even did a post with my inspirational playlist.

Today I’ve decided to share with you some musics I’m listening recently. Check out bellow the songs that haven’t left my Spotify.

Somewhere Only We Know – Lily Allen

Somewhere Only We Know was originally recorded by the band Keane, but I particularly prefer the Lilly Allen’s version. The music became popular here in Brazil through the comercial of a mobile phone company. I don’t really know Lily’s work, but this song won me since the first time I heard. I love the piano’s melody and the singer’s sweet voice.

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

I used to listen to a lot of Lady Gaga in the Bad Romance  and Poker Face time, but with time, I stopped listening. Until last year, when her new album was released. Lady Gaga is an artist who has been in the industry for quite some time, and I find it incredible how she can reinvent herself. Million Reason is a song that has a very dramatic charge. You can feel and know it in the studio version, but mostly during her live presentations. And I like this. I like songs that you can feel, not only by the words, what the artist is feeling.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has been my favourite singer for quite a while. I remember feeling very sad when he came to Brazil in 2015 and I couldn’t go to his show. And now in 2017 this is happening again, and I’m already suffering. When he announced the new CD, I got very excited. The album is wonderful, but there are two songs that I fell in love. The first one is Perfect. The song has a incredible chorus and wonderful lyrics.

Dive – Ed Sheeran

Now my favourite one from the entire album. Dive made me remember why I’ve felt in love with Ed in 2012 when I heard him for the first time with Lego House. He has an incredible gift of writing music and is a complete artist. Dive has a beautiful lyric and is sung in an exceptional way. I could stay here the whole day talking about how much I love Ed Sheeran’s songs, Eu poderia ficar o dia inteiro aqui falando o quanto eu amo as músicas do Ed Sheeran, but you better listen to the it.

Separate Lives – Phil Collins feat. Marilyn Martin

Phil Collins was part of my childhood. I remember going to the beach with my parents and, during all the way, we’d always listened to Phil Collins. Separate Lives was one of the songs we used to listen, but I couldn’t remember the name or the lyrics. Last Sunday this song came to my mind, and after I searched like a crazy, I found it.

My Heart Will Go On Piano Cover – Alex Bacci

🚢<3 TITANIC <3🚢

🚢<3 TITANIC <3🚢Piano cover della colonna sonora del film, una storia d'amore tra le più appassionanti e commoventi <3Mi farebbe molto piacere se mi aiutaste a farlo girare condividendo <3Lasciate un "MI PIACE" alla pagina, grazie 🙂 —–>

Posted by Alex Bacci on Monday, February 20, 2017

This cover I found lost on my Facebook timeline. The soundtrack Titanic is my favourite. I’m always listening and it is a big part of my inspiration playlist. In addition, the piano is one of my favourite instruments. of A trilha sonora do filme Titanic é a minha preferida. These two together and that’s what happened: me completely addicted to this video.

These are the songs that are in constantly repeat on my playlist. Tell me the songs that don’t leave your playlist.

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