London Fashion Week 2017: Day 3, 4 and 5

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As the London Fashion Week is more conceptual and less wearable, besides having few well-known brands of the general public, I’ve decided to put the remaining three days together in just one post. On this post, I will show the highlights of the 3rd, 4th and 5th day of the event.

New York Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2017: Day 1 e 2


Photos: Luca Tombolini

Erdem was inspired by his ancestry, English and Turkish, to create this collection. We can see elements of both cultures, represented especially in the prints. Speaking of which, the stylist used several prints, most of them very colourful. Of course, the most loved fabric of the season, the velvet, also went down the runaway. One trend that appeared on the last red carpets and also appeared in the collection, was the teardrop neckline.

Huishan Zhang

Photos: Luca Tombolini

Zhang started his show with romantic pieces. White and pastel pink dominated the first part of the collection. The sleeves were puffed and the pattern was delicate. Then the show passed to something more futuristic, but still feminine, with metallic pieces. Transparency appeared a lot, as well as embroidered pearls.


Photos: Kim Weston Arnold

From the makeup, to the clothes, everything had a political tone of resistance and love. The designer himself said we have to come together and be together. All the pieces had a lot of sparkles. Some were in the rainbow colours, others had impact phrases. The collection wanted to pass a strong message, and it managed to do this very well.


Photos: Giovanni Giannoni

Deconstructed, this is the word that describes the Burberry’s collection. There were asymmetrical knits, lots of shirts and lace. Everything always running away from the standard. The colour palette was very neutral, with black, white, cream and a soft blue.

Marques’ Almeida

Photos: Luca Tombolini

This is one of those collections that we should take the concept of the pieces, not THE pieces. The stylists used a lot of oversize pieces and, once again, the sleeves were the highlight. Structured pieces also had their moment, as well as ruffles and asymmetry. Another thing that appeared a lot during the show were the graphic prints, usually in B&W.

Emilio de la Morena

Photos: Alessandro Garofalo

De la Morena presented a collection with many micro and mini lengths, and tight pieces. Also appeared a lot of lace and fur jackets. The micro dresses appeared with very structured skirts.

And so I finish the post on the Fall 2017 London Fashion Week. Despite some parades with unconventional pieces, we were able to grasp the concept of the trends. Milan Fashion Week, here we go!

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