9 best releases of 2016 fall season

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Every year I get super exited about the new series. I always search the new ones to choose those I’ll start to watch. But, last year I decided that I’d watch every single new series from the 2016 Fall Season #Challengeaccepted.

According to Banco de Series, a Brazilian website, were released a total of 64 series. And yes, I have watched them all. Because of this, today I’ve decided to bring a bit late a list of the 9 best new series of the Fall Season.

This Is Us – NBC

Without a doubt, the best release of the season. This Is Us follows three different stories that are, somehow, connected. A couple expecting triplets, a black family, and a couple of twins suffering from obesity and career. It’s a family drama with a very clever story. There is no way to speak more without giving spoilers, so I let you watch and find out. Ps: I just want to say that Jack is the best character and I want a man like him in my life.

Atlanta – FX

For me, the best surprise of the season. In Atlanta, we accompany Earn, a man who tries to settle his life with his girlfriend and daughter. Having recently left college, he begins to work with his cousin Paper Boy. Paper Boy is a rapper that the only song begins to make a huge success. Atlanta is a mix of drama and comedy, but most of all, it’s a series about life in the suburbs.

Westworld – HBO

The series focuses on an amusement park for adults. With interactive robots that are identical to humans, visitors can do whatever they want. It’s a brilliant series that deals with artificial intelligence. Westworld presents us with a fascinating and intriguing futuristic world.

The Crown – Netflix

The Crown presents us with the story of the British queen, Elizabeth II. An original Netflix production, the series is of an exceptional greatness. The costumes, performances and technical characteristics are very well worked. With an excellent execution, The Crown is a critical and public success, having won several awards.

The O.A. – Netflix

Right at the end of Fall Season, Netflix gives us this incredible series. Prairie is a young blind woman who, after being missing for 7 years, reappears with the vision recovered. The O.A. isn’t a series to understand at first, but to feel. A sensitive series with an incredible cinematography and soundtrack.

The Exorcist – FOX

The series is a continuation of the classic film of 73 and will follow Father Thomas. As a big fan of horror movies, I was a bit afraid. But the series surprised me in a positive way. The visual effects are great, even more so if you consider that it’s a TV series. The performances are another positive point. Unfortunately, horror series are not very successful, with a few exceptions, and it can be cancelled. One detail, our eternal Miguel from Rebelde (a soap opera that was a huge success in Latin America), Alfonso Herrera, plays Father Thomas.

The Good Place – NBC

Eleanor is a young woman and when she dies, she goes to a kind of paradise. However, she wasn’t a good person in life and was mistakenly taken to that place. The Good Place is a super fun and clever comedy. The best comedy of 2016 Fall Season, next to Atlanta. In addition, the season finale features a totally incredible and unexpected plot twist.

Sweet/Vicious – MTV

For me, one of the most important series of the season. Sweet Vicious will follow a kind of vigilante against rapes that take place in a university. This is a super important topic that needs to be discussed. For being a comedy-drama, the series manages to treat the subject in a sometimes relaxed and sensitive way, but it knows how to be serious when it needs to. Sweet Vicious isn’t a series of high qualities, but it manages to talk to young people about a very important subject.

3% – Netflix

Last but not least. 3% is the first Brazilian series that Netflix produced. In the series, when people turn 21, they need to undergo a series of tests to go to Offshore, a kind of “perfect place”. However, only 3% of those people can pass the tests and change their lives. Although it’s not a masterpiece, the series has some good points. Most performances are compelling and it has a pretty cool story. The series became the most non-English series watched on Netflix. It is a major thing for the not very explored sector of national series. In addition, I think it is very important to value national productions.

It took some time, but the post is finally out. So, I hope you enjoy it and tell me if you have seen any of these series.

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