New York Fashion Week 2017: Day 1

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Yesterday started the season of the fashion weeks. The first city to receive the event is New York, followed by London, Milan and Paris. Ontem iniciou-se a temporada de semana de moda internacional. Yesterday, in the middle of a snowstorm, fashionistas from around the world checked out some 2017 fall collections.

During these seven days, I’ll bring to you the highlights of the main collections of the day. So, let’s see the highlights of the 1° day!

Nicholas K

Photos: Luca Tombolini

Opening the fashion week, we had the collection from the brand Nicholas K. The collection presented heavy coats and a lot of wrapping, mainly in the hips. The colour chart was more sober, with shades of beige, black and orange. The metallic silver and gold also dominated the catwalk, appearing predominantly in boots. In terms of fabric, the bet was very wet velvet. Lastly, many berets on the head.

Erin Fetherston

Photos: Marcus Tondo

Erin Fetherston was inspired by the world. From Morocco to Paris, she created a collection for the feminine and free woman. The collection featured layers, puff sleeves and thin scarves around the neck. The colours ranged from red to pink, military green and black, but always with closed tones. Light and moving fabrics and velvet dominated the catwalk.

Brock Collection

Photos: Luca Tombolini

This fall, Brock Collection invested in a more vintage and Victorian style collection. Small plaid and big floral prints dominated the catwalk. Defined waist and details on the shoulders, also appeared a lot. Heavy and plush fabrics were the bet for the collection. Heavy coats and fur stoles have also appeared, things that I particularly do not like.


Photos: Yannis Vlamos

ADEAM’s event surprised at the end. The model that closed the catwalk, instead of returning, went ahead and made a drum solo. Commenting on the clothes, Hanako Maeda, the brand’s design, has created a collection with Victorian and Gothic inspiration. The palette of colours followed the dark and sober tones. Overlap was a very present trend in the collection.

Tadashi Shoji

Photos: Edward James

Tadashi Shoji presented a beautiful collection. The collection featured several mixture of textures. Velvet with embroidery, lace with velvet, light fabrics… The closed tones dominated the catwalk along with the pattern of roses on a black background. The collection received a light medieval touch, with bands skirting the neckline and waist. In the hair the bet was the full fringe.

Adam Selma

Photos: Edward James

Denim and roses. These two words sum up the beautiful Adam Selma’s collection. This collection still brought a lot of overlap, especially with shirts under dresses. The colour chart had a lot of red and showed a combination that promises to be a trend: pink+red. Another detail that appeared a lot and can be a future trend, is the combo sandal+tights.

Michael Costello

Photos: Robin Banica

From transparency to brilliance, Michael Costello brought one of my favourite collections of the day. Transparency, puff sleeves, sparkles and fluidity. With a lot of movement, this collection was very beautiful and pleasant to watch.

We can summarise that first day in a lot of velvet, sleeves in highlight and colours in sober tones. I hope you have enjoyed it and I’ll see you in the next few days.

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