Internet resolutions for 2017

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A new year has come and with it all the lists of goals for the coming year. This year I decided to do something a little different and divide my list in two: one for my internet goals, and the other for my personal life ones. 

Today I’ll share with you my internet resolutions for 2017 and a little bit why I want each one of them.

Internet resolutions for 2017
  • Reach 1000 subscribers on my channel

This year I want to dedicate myself to my channel and to see it grow. I know that 1000 subscribers are nothing compared to the big youtubers, but it’s a number I’d be very happy to achieve.

  • Reach 1000 followers on my social media

Basically for the same reason above. I want my social media, Twitter and Instagram, to grow this year and 1000 seems like a good number.

  • Post a video every Monday

This is a challenge I’m trying to achieve has been a while. As I said above, I want to dedicate myself to the channel and I want it to grow, that’s why I want to keep a schedule and post often.

  • (Finally) Tell my parents about the blog and channel

Yeah, nobody in my family knows about them, and the blog is almost completing 2 years. Sometimes I think my mum knows, or at least distrusts, but I’m not sure.  The fact that my family doesn’t know limits the times I can record. Besides that, I can’t produce videos that would need some help to record, because I don’t have anyone to help me.

  • Post an Instagram picture per week

My number of followers won’t grow from anything, I have to do something for this to happen, which is post often. At least one photo per week.

  • Post outfits of the day

In 2015 I posted my first outfit of the day and that was it! The only one until now. The problem is that I don’t have anyone to take my pictures (look two items above) This year I’m looking forward to trying more with fashion and post outfits of the day.

  • Do my first partnership (is this the word?)

One of the dreams of every beginner youtuber/blogger. Partnerships are a very important part of the work of any person that works with the internet and I’d like to start to have some connections with some brands.

  • Receive my first payment from Google Adsense

In almost two years of blogging and some months of my channel, I haven’t received any money. However, these are things that have costs, annually you pay the domain, web hosting, and etc.

  • Post in Spanish

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to practice my English. That’s why since the beginning the blog can be read in Portuguese and English. Last year I started to study Spanish on my own and this year I want to progress as much as possible. I intend to start to write in Spanish as well, so I can practice it and expand my public.

  • New layout

Since the beginning of the blog, I’ve always used layouts that were available for free on the platform. Until now they have served me perfectly, and I really like my current one, but it’s not unique. I want my own layout, designated especially for me and that transmits the personality of the blog and mine.

This was my list of goals related to the internet to 2017. Personally and professionally, 2016 was a horrible year, and although it’s quite difficult, I prefer to think things will get better this year. I really hope I can achieve all the goals and I’ll try my best.

I also hope all of you have a great year and that you can achieve your dreams.

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