25 before 25

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Last year I made a list of 20 things I wanted to do/accomplish before I turned 20. The problem was that I had such idea only 9 months before completing 20 springs. I was able to do some things, but most of them, I couldn’t, obviously.

This year I decided to do the same project, but this time with 25 things to do before 25, this way I have 4 years to accomplish. Some of this things are very simple and related to numbers, but all mean something to me.

I’m also looking forward to sharing with you every time I do something of the list.

25 before 25
  1. Watch 2500 films in total;
  2. Watch 7500 TV series’ episodes in total;
  3. Read 600 books in total;
  4. See snow for the first time;
  5. Visit Paris and go up the Eiffel Tower;
  6. Travel with a backpack through Europe;
  7. Move to another country;
  8. Speak Spanish fluently;
  9. Speak Italian fluently;
  10. Take an acting course;
  11. Take a fashion course;
  12. Do a volunteer job;
  13. Help an NGO;
  14. See the concert of some of my favourite artists;
  15. Do a memory box;
  16. Participate in a photography project;
  17. Practice some extreme sport;
  18. Get drunk;
  19. Start to go to the gym and be healthy;
  20. Chance my hair colour;
  21. Have a dog;
  22. Buy a luxury shoe/bag;
  23. Be, at least, planning my wedding;
  24. Secret;
  25. Secret.

As you might have noticed, the last two items are goals that only I know and I will share with the world when I’m ready.

I truly hope this list is not a failure as the one before and that I can complete it in time.

Tell me if you have a list like this and what is in it.

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