4 series to start this week

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It’s holiday in Brazil this week and one of my favourite things to do is to start some new TV series. Even if it’s not a holiday where you are, this post is still for you, because you can start whenever you want.

Today I’ll show you 4 new series for you to start this week!


The series will follow Earn’s life, a man who starts to take care of the career of his cousin, Paper Boy, a hip-hop singer that starts to make success. Atlanta was a very good surprise and, although it’s present as a comedy, for me, it’s more like a “dramedy”. Everything that can go wrong in Earn’s life, goes wrong. It’s a very realistic series that talks about themes like poverty, racism and the hip-hop culture. I really recommend. The cinematography is wonderful.

Better Things

The comedy tells Sam’s history, an actress with a not very successful career and a single mother of three girls. Most of the characters are very charismatics. Sam is a super dedicated mother and her mother is amazing, quickly became one of my favourite things on the show!

Marvel’s Luke Cage

If you live in the series world, like me, you met Luke Cage on Jessica Jones and now he has his own show. For those who don’t know, after an experiment, Luke Cage gains super strength and impenetrable skin. On his own series, Luke is a fugitive trying to resettle in Harlem, New York, but ends up having problems with some powerful people. And the best thing is, all the first season is on Netflix.

This Is Us

The drama presents the relation between a group of people that were born on the same day. This is the only series on the list that I haven’t watched yet and this is the one I chose to start this Wednesday. Since its premiere, the show has received a lot of good critics and I am very excited to start. 

And you, have you already chosen what you’re going to watch this week? Hope you have a wonderful week!


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