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Websites to organize your books, series and films (and where to find me)

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Hello everyone, 

last month I decided I won’t do wrap up posts anymore. I made this decision because I started to think that the posts were with a lot of information and disorganised, making it difficult to read. Because of this, I decided to make this post and share with you websites that you can organize your books, series and films, and also keep up with me there. You can add me as a friend or follow me on each of these websites.

Filmow – My user: carolinafrancaa Ps: only in Portuguese.


Filmow is a Brazilian site for those who are film and series lovers. There you can add films and series you’ve watched, want to see, don’t want to watch and your favourites. You can also like lists of other users, or even create your own. The site is super organised and easy to use.

Ps: I’m not part of any site in English to mark films, if you know of some good one, tell me in the comments!

Banco de Séries – My user: carolinafrancaa

Banco de Séries

Banco de Séries is also a Brazilian site to organize series, the difference is that on it you can mark episode by episode. The site shows when you have new episode of any series you watch, if you are behind… It is great for those who, like me, watched several series at the same time. Ps: the comment section is one of the best parts of thewebsite!

TVShowTime – My user: carolinafrancaa


TVShowTime is an American site with the same premise of Banco de Séries. On it you mark each watched episode, react and vote for your favourite character of the episode. It also shows the series that are with recent episodes and how many days are left for a new episode of your favourite shows.

Skoob – My user: Carolina França


Skoob is a Brazilian social network for readers. On it you add the books you’ve read, you want to read, which ones you abandoned, desired, favourites, and more. The cool thing is that the site always do giveaways of books that the users can participate. Additionally, you can also exchange books with other users in a safe way.

Goodreads – My user: Carolina França

Goodreads 2

Goodreads is an American social network for readers and basically has the same goal as Skoob. The difference is that on Goodreads you can also create and like lists and join groups as well. Did you know that even Emma Watson has a book club on Goodreads?

I hope you have enjoyed the sites tips! Tell me if you’ve used some and don’t forget to add/follow me to follow my updates regarding series, films and books. If you have any suggestions for other sites with the same goal, to tell me in the comments!

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