Six 2017 summer trends

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Spring starts at the 23rd of this month in the southern hemisphere and with it the trends for the hot months. Today I’m here to share with you 6 trends that are going to be popular in this summer.

Off the shoulder (Bardot neckline)

Tendências verão 2017

This type of neckline has been showing up in the looks of the fashion girls since last season and will remain high. The best of this neckline is that it can be used since from more street productions to most elegant, always bringing a touch of femininity. To our happiness, a lot of fast fashion are already investing in this trend.

Wide and fluid silhouette

Tendências verão 2017

This season, do not accentuate the waist. The straight modelling and fluid fabrics will be very high. The benefit of the fluid fabrics is that they allow us to use long lengths in a fresher way, without being too hot.


Tendências verão 2017

Another trend that has shown up during autumn/winter and will continue. During the summer, replace the oxfords and shoes for sandals. If you are afraid to risk in Metallic, start with pieces with sequins and shoes.


Tendências verão 2017

I confess that at the beginning I didn’t like this trend, but I learned to. The tip here is to use this type of shoe with more delicate pieces, bringing balance to the look.

Light and earthy colours

Tendências verão 2017

Tendências verão 2017

In this season we’re finally seeing the colours of the year elected by Pantone: rose quartz and serenity. Also, use mustard, beige, caramel, white and off-white colours.

T-shirt under

Tendências verão 2017

Overlays on shirts, mostly white, are a strong trend. If the overlapped piece looks like a lingerie, as a slip dress or bralette, it’s even better.

As you can see, many trends can be used together without much effort. The coolest about trends is to be able to take what is fashionable and adapt to your own style. So don’t forget, do not wear something just because it’s on trend, but because you like it and feel good!

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