Jess Day’s style on New Girl

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Today I decided to do something different here and combine two things I love: series and fashion. In this type of post I will talk about the style of some characters (series and films), and in the future, some famous people as well.

Starting with a character I’ve always liked the style, Jessica Day from New Girl. Jess is a children’s teacher who shares an apartment with three roommates. The character has a very similar style with the actress who plays her, Zooey Deschanel.

Jessica Day - New Girl4With a very feminine and romantic style, with a bit of retro and geek, Jess’ wardrobe is full of dresses. Most often, the character prefers dresses with a flared skirt and at the knees. Jess also improves the pieces with cardigans and belts to accentuate the waist.

Jessica Day - New Girl1

At parties, Jess does not abandon the dresses. On special occasions, the character bets on more festive fabrics, textures and embroideries. The New Girl is not afraid of colours and always bet on colourful looks, but at parties, Jess prefers more neutral tones.

Jessica Day - New Girl

Because the series is set in Los Angeles, there are not severe winters, but when the temperature slightly falls, Jess doesn’t give up dresses and skirts. When it is colder, the character bets in tights that go with everything. Tights + some black shoe are a great option as the combination helps to give the impression of longer legs.

Another combination the character loves, so do I, is jumper + shirt. The collar and sleeves appearing give a very geek touch to the look, especially if accompanied by the large glasses Jess often uses.

Jessica Day - New Girl5

We can not talk about the character style without citing patterns. Polka dot is certainly the character’s favourite pattern, which she uses from skirts and dresses, to blouses and pyjamas. Not afraid of mixing colours, Jess also risks in mixing patterns. A tip for mixing patterns is to coordinate the colours, as you can see on the image above.

Jessica Day - New Girl6

On the makeup subject, Jess is very natural, with a very light smoky eyes, mascara and pink lipstick and blush. In the hair we have the full bang, a trademark of the character and of the actress herself, and always with large waves.

I completely love the looks of the character, although I do not use as many colours as Jess.

I really hope you have enjoyed this type of post! Bye Bye.

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