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My favourite holiday

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What I like most about bloggers and youtubers is how personal and close they are to their subscribers and readers. Because of this, today I have decided to share with you my favourite holiday.

My father always worked very hard and had his own business. Because of that, we never had long trips, but that year he decided to take a week for us.

Porto Seguro

In June of 2008, exactly eight years ago, me, my mother, father, aunt and two cousins travelled to Porto Seguro, Bahia.

I remember our flight left the airport at 5 am and I had barely been able to sleep so anxious I was, after all, this was our first family trip and the first time I would be on an aeroplane.

Porto Seguro

During those seven days, we lived amazing moments and moments that today make us laugh out loud. We got lost with the car on a dirt road that took us to the middle of nowhere; someone hit our rented car; my aunt freaked out with fear in a schooner that was leading us to dive in the sea, which eventually triggered a wave of people feeling sick and throwing up on the boat.

Porto Seguro

At that moment everything was fine. My family was okay, they were all very close and we were financially well. At that time there were no concerns.

Porto Seguro

I confess that I got emotional while I was writing this post and remembering how things used to be back then. We barely knew the roller coaster our life would become.

Despite everything, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have moments like this with my family and to have had a childhood without worries.

Porto Seguro

I really hope you have enjoyed seeing this more personal side of me. Thanks for reading and I apologize for the dates on the photos. Back then the cameras would always put the date on the photos.

Again, I hope you have enjoyed, bye bye.

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