High-end makeup wishlist

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I confess that sometimes I spend hours looking makeup sites and increasing my, already long, wish list. That is something I do often, and not only with makeup, but with everything you can imagine. After having spent some good hours strolling through some brands’ websites, I’ve decided to share with you some high-end makeup products that are on my wish list.

Touche Éclat - Yves Saint Laurent

The first product is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat highlighting concealer. This concealer is widely used by some youtubers and it promises to highlight the under eyes region. I would love to test.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. Also very popular, this foundation has a matte finish and high coverage. This is something I normally avoid, but it’s always good to have one like this for more special events.

Colour Chameleon - Charlotte TilburyCharlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils. These eyeshadows are super practical and look beautiful alone. I would like to have the entire collection which has beautiful colours, but I will list my three favourites here: Champagne Diamonds, Amber Haze and Dark Pearl.

Eyes to Mesmerise - Charlotte Tilbury

Last thing from Charlotte Tilbury, the collection Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadows. As the eyeshadow pencils, the cream ones have six beautiful shades and I would like to have all, but I will mention just three here: Jean, Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra.

Watt's up Cream Highlighter - Benefit

I think makeups with beautiful highlight are gorgeous and when I quickly tested Benefit Watt’s Up’s, I fell in love. Moreover, the packaging of every Benefit’s product is super cute.

High Beam Liquid Highlighter - Benefit

The High Beam is another Benefit’s highlighter that is on my wishlist for a while. I am very curious about the liquid consistency and the photos and videos I have seen, it seems to give an incredible glow.

Zoeva brushes

The last item on my list I’ll show you today is the Zoeva brushes. Zoeva is a still recent German brand that was launched in 2008 and, despite being best known for its brushes, it also sells shadows, blushes, etc. The brushes seem to have a great quality, but what won me over were the colours. Zoeva has sets with details or all in rose gold, a colour that I love.

This is a small part of my high-end beauty wishlist! Tell me the high-end products are on your wish list. Bye Bye!

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