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7 new series I want to watch

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This month starts the Summer Season in the United States. This means that it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and a very important time of the year for TV shows. During summer season a lot of series are on hiatus, we receive information about renewals and cancellations and many new series have their premieres.

On today’s video, I’ll talk about 7 series that will be out during this period and I want to watch. Down below you can also check a brief synopsis and some information about each show.


03 June (Today!!) – Cinemax

Outcast will tell the story of Kyle Barnes, a man who all his life has been plagued by possessions around him. Barnes lives in reclusion, away from his family. When a boy in the region is a victim of possession, Barnes and a priest try to save him. The series is based on a series of comic of the same name.

Brain Dead

13 June – CBS

A young woman starts working in Washington and discovers that aliens have landed on Earth and have eaten the brain of a big part of the politicians. Apparently it will be a comedy.

13 June – Freeform

The roommate of a young American studying in London is murdered. Then she becomes suspected of having committed the crime.

The Last Tycoon

17 June – Amazon

Does not have a trailer.

The Last Tycoon will tell the story of the rise of the first tycoon of the cinema, Monroe Stahr and the power battle with his mentor. The series is inspired by the book of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Queen of the South

23 June – USA

After her drug dealer boyfriend is killed, Teresa moves to the United States and seeks to take over the leadership of a drug headquarters. Also, the Brazilian actress Alice Braga plays Teresa, the main character.

American Gothic

22 June – CBS

A traditional family from Boston discovers that a family member was involved in a series of murders that occurred during the decade. To make things worse, there is the suspicion that another member of the family is complicit in the crimes.

Dead of Summer

28 June – Freeform

During the school summer break of 1989, in a summer camp, what should be a summer of fun, becomes something scary.

These are the series of this summer season I want to watch, most likely I will not be able to see all, but at least 3 I will try to follow.

So tell me what you want to start watching this summer season.

Bye bye.

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