10 things I want to learn

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10 coisas que quero aprender

I’m a person that values very much for mental health and thinks it’s very important to always exercise our mind. A great way to do this is to be always studying and learning new things.

In today’s post, I bring 10 things I want to learn or take a course/class.


I love to learn new languages and I have a certain facility for this. Being a native Portuguese speaker and having had Spanish lessons at school as a child, I think I’d have facility to learn Spanish, one of the most spoken languages in the world.


Besides the fact that I find Italian a beautiful language, I listen to music in this language since I was a child and because of this I’ve facility with pronunciations. Despite all this, the main reason I want to learn Italian is that I have Italian ancestry. My grandma’s grandparents were born in Venice and Rome.


As a person who loves languages and dreams of visiting Paris, of course the most romantic language in the world could not be off my list.


I took some guitar lessons when I was 15, but I stopped. I still have the guitar at home and I would love to return to learn how to play.


The piano is, along with violin, my favourite instrument. I think it’s an elegant and sophisticated instrument and it has a wonderful sound.


I love to sing, who know me know I am always singing, but I don’t sing well. Because of this, I’d like to learn to not disturb my neighbours during the tour I do at my flat. Another reason is that I think the breathing techniques learned in singing lessons would help me with my breathing problems.


I have already taken two basic classes of photography and it’s a subject I really like, but I want to learn more.

Art direction

Art direction is the area of cinema that I like the most and that is what I want to do as a career.


I’ve always wanted to do acting classes, but I never had the opportunity to. I think drama class is a great way to increase creativity and to be less shy.


The last item on the list is also the most recent. I was interested in fashion in early teens, but then the interest decreased and now it returned with all the power. My dream is to take a fashion course in Milan.

And you, do you have something special that you would like to learn?

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