What you need to know to travel to Brazil for the first time

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Visiting Brazil

Visiting a country for the first time can be a bit stressful. So in today’s post, I’ll take some questions and tell you everything you need to know to travel to Brazil for the first time.

Will I need a visa to enter Brazil?

It depends on your nationality. Most countries in South America and some around the world don’t need a tourist visa to enter Brazil. On this link, you can see the complete list of nationalities and which one needs a visa.

Is it summer all year in Brazil?

Again, it depends. Brazil is a very big country, the 5th largest country in the world, mainly in its length. So of course, the climate in the South will not be the same as in the North, for example. The North, Northeast and Rio de Janeiro are generally hot all year long, reaching an average temperature of 23 ° C, 25 ° C in winter. In the Southeast, except Rio de Janeiro and especially in São Paulo, the weather is very unstable and the seasons are not very definite. To have hot days during the winter and cold days in the summer are not rare. Furthermore, in the South of the country, the winter is usually cold and sometimes there is the occurrence of frost and light snow.

Is Brazil violent?

More or less. I have been living here pretty much my whole life and I’ve never been robbed, stolen or anything. Neither my friends. What happens is that we are always careful. Avoid walking with a mobile phone in hand and with big cameras that catch the eye, particularly in central areas. If you are in a crowded area, walk with your purse or backpack always closed and in front of your body. Also, if you want to do some tourist visit in some slum, these tours are very common in Rio de Janeiro, do it with a trusted guide and never go alone. Finally, try to avoid very desolate places. Isn’t that something bad will happen if you don’t follow one of these recommendations, but it’s always good to prevent.

What is the currency used in Brazil?

Since 1994, the currency used is the Real.

¿Yo hablas español?

This may seem an unnecessary point, but when I was travelling, I heard many people asking if we speak Spanish, “Brazilian” and even English in Brazil. In Brazil we speak Portuguese and we are the only country in America to speak this language. Our Portuguese is a little different from the one spoken in Portugal, with the largest differences in accent and some points of grammar and vocabulary. So when you come to Brazil swap the “Buenos días” and “Muchas gracias” for “Bom dia” and “Obrigada” if you are female and “Obrigado” if you are a male.

Some useful words in Portuguese:

Hello – Oi or Olá

Goodbye/Bye – Tchau

Good morning – Bom dia

Good afternoon – Boa tarde

Good evening/night – Boa noite

Please – Por favor

Thank you – Obrigada if you are a female and Obrigado if you are a male

You’re welcome – De nada

Yes – Sim

No – Não

I really hope this post can be useful for you!

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