Nerd/Geek tag

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Today I’m back with another video on my geek channel, the Carolina Geek.

On this video, I answer a tag called Nerd/Geek. You can watch the video and see the questions below.

Nerd/Geek tag
  1. Warrior, thief or wizard?
  2. Favourite subject at school?
  3. What would your Patronus be?
  4. Who is your favourite superhero?
  5. Marvel or DC?
  6. How do you stay fit? Sports do not count.
  7. What is your dream job by choice?
  8. Favourite game?
  9. Tell the most nerd thing about you.
  10. What is the nerdiest film in your collection?
  11. PlayStation, X box or Wii?
  12. What is the longest word you know?
  13. Which fictional character did you fantasize about as a child?
  14. Those tough and popular guys at school: friends or enemies?
  15. Old school and 8-bit graphics or the most modern 3D?
  16. The most nerd pickup line you know?
  17. Do you have any random and useless talent? Which is?
  18. What was, so far, your greatest nerd accomplishment?
  19. If you could have any superpower, what would It be?

I have no idea who created the tag, but it was translated to Portuguese by the channel Geek Freak.

Bye bye.

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