Best dressed Billboard Music Awards 2016

Yesterday in Las Vegas, USA, happened the Billboard Music Awards 2016, event which awards people in the music industry. I confess that I love all kinds of awards and the red carpet part is my favourite. I am always thinking what I would wear if I were invited haha

Today I will show you, what for me, were the best looks of the cerimonie.

BBMAS 2016

  • Kesha: Going through a very difficult time and almost being prohibited to perform at the awards, Kesha came to the pink carpet wearing a purple set of tailoring with embroidery and a shirt with bow tie (I have already talked about them here). I love the hair and I almost did not recognize her when I saw.
  • Demi Lovato by Chanel: That Demi is becoming more and more powerful each day, no one doubts and she sealed with a tailored set + a lace top + lace jacket. Also, Demi bet on an unconventional accessory, leather glove with fingers out.
  • Rachel Platten by Alice + Olivia: Another set with trousers. Rachel bet on vertical stripes that help to lengthen the silhouette and bare abs. I confess that if I also had this belly, I would not bother to show it.

BBMAS 2016

  • Kate Beckinsale by Hamel: I said in my post about the Oscars 2016 that deep neckline was becoming a trend and look that appeared! Kate innovated and came up with the neck in a square format, great to get out of the traditional. The dry shaping and well adjusted dress is super stylish, combining perfectly with the hairstyle. By the way, I love white dresses on red carpets.
  • Kelly Rowland by Labourjoisie: Of course there was a long and very shine dress, a classic in awards cerimonies. 
  • Laverne Cox by Michael Costello: Another deep neckline, this time accompanied by lace details, finish that appeared quite a lot on the pink carpet.

BBMAS 2016

  • Keltie Knight: I am in love with this jumpsuit. The deep neckline, embroidery and color complement each other, creating a romantic look, but with a touch of sensuality. I think it is completely wearable look and would be great for an event during the day.
  • Rihanna by Thierry Mugler: Compared with recent looks that Rihanna wore on red carpets, this is very simple and that is what got me. Like the dress, the hair and makeup were simple, emphasizing her natural beauty.
  • Zendaya by Calvin Klein: Zendaya is a it girl and nail all of her looks, this one was no different. The chosen colour blends well with her skin tone and the two-piece set is super appropriate for her age.

BBMAS 2016

  • Mila Kunis by Zuhair Murad Culture: Zuhair is one of my favourite designers at the moment and I loved this mini structured dress. The simplicity in hairstyle and accessories is perfect, as the dress itself has beautiful embroidery.
  • Lucy Hale by Zuhair Murad: The purple bodysuit with turtle neck and long sleeves balances the transparency contained in the black lace skirt. Again, hair and accessories are simple, highlighting the set pieces.
  • Jessica Alba by Zuhair Murad LBD: Pretty much like Lucy’s look, Jessica also invested in the combination of long sleeves + turtle neck balanced with mini + transparency. I would just change the shoe, put a thin strip sandal or a scarpin to bring lightness to the look. Detail, look at her face, she seems so happy!

BBMAS 2016

  • Fifth Harmony: I am not a big fan of the looks of the Fifth Harmony girls, I always like only one or two looks, but I think this time all them nailed it. I loved Camila’s dress and Lauren was wonderful as always, but what caught my attention was Normani’s hair, I loved it!

BBMAS 2016

  • Troye Sivan: I have the wish of keep him in a little pot and protect him, so cute! Besides being super talented, Troye has an amazing taste that goes from clothing to his videoclipes. I love when guys wear hilarious, giving a more alternative look. 
  • Nick Jonas: Nick was with a very cool and super wearable look. Look in the hemmed pants, this trick brings up any look, whether male or female.
  • Shawn Mendes by Balenciaga: I think Shawn is so cute, he has face of good boy! All black compositions always are present on red carpets and are always elegant, you can not go wrong.

As we can see, the event was marked by the simplicity of the accessories, it seems that less is more is back.

What is the loo you liked more?

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