Ex Machina

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Ex Machina

I completely fell in love by the actress Alicia Vikander in the film The Danish Girl (review here) and I was very excited and curious to see more films with her. Because of this, last month I decided to watch the movie Ex Machina, which Vikander is the protagonist, and is the film of this week.

In Ex Machina, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), an intelligent young man is chosen to visit the home of the owner of the company he works in to participate in a secret project. In this house, which is isolated in the mountains, Caleb will test the artificial intelligence inserted in a robot called Ava.

  • Why you should watch: First, Alicia Vikander. I guess I have not sufficiently demonstrated my love for her above,  what a wonderful woman! She plays the robot Ava with a subtlety and delicacy that enchants anyone. The performance of the other two main characters is also great. The special effects are subtle and very well done and it has deservedly won the Oscar for best special effects. In addition, the history is super current and well developed.
  • What I thought: All the compliments the film received when it was released are true. Graphically and aesthetically the film is flawless, with the cinematography and special effects of top qualities. The actors present in the film are popular at the moment and deliver very good and convincing performances. The script has a good development, which in the end becomes faster and tense, creating a certain discomfort in the viewer. Ex Machina, although it is a science fiction, it discusses a current topic and brings a reflection on a possible future.

Ex Machina takes 4 stars.

The film was directed by Alex Garland and was released in 2015.

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