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Ginger hair… that beautiful colour that everyone loves, but few people have naturally.

I always liked red hair, but a few years later the desire to have my own hair that colour got stronger, however, get to a good
shade, especially if it is a more natural tone, is very difficult, so it is best left in the hands of a good professional, which in most cases is expensive.

Another thing that influenced me not to dye my hair this colour is that dyed red hair needs a lot of maintenance, not only to paint the roots, but also to maintain the colour, as the redhead shades fade very easily.

For this post I separated some auburn hair as inspiration.


With numerous red tones, you will surely find some for you.

And just to make one thing clear, do not deprive yourself of becoming a redhead just because you do not fit in the ginger stereotype of super light skin, light eyes and freckles. There are various shades of auburn and the important thing is if you feel good and enjoy it.

I had a classmate at school who has tanned skin tone, dark brown eyes, has no freckles and is a natural redhead, so do not worry if you fit or not in the ginger stereotype.

I hope this post inspire you,

bye bye.

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