The Maze Runner review

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Hello guys, today I bring to you my review of the film and book The Maze Runner.

You can also check out my video review.

The story is about Thomas, a teenager who wakes up with no memory at a place called Glade, surrounded by boys also with no memories. This place is surrounded by a maze full of monsters. The only thing the boys know is that they need to solve this maze somehow, to be able to leave. Once a month, a new boy arrives at the Glade, but the day after Thomas’ arrival, a girl comes and she brings a message.

The Maze Runner

First about the book (2009, James Dashner)

Written by James Dashner, the book has a lot of action and a quick narrative, most of the time. Throughout the book, some clues are presented to us, but they’ll only make sense at the end. For me, the best thing is the secondary characters, Newt and Minho. Extremely catchy, they treat Thomas in a way rarely seen in the books of the genre. Unlike many books, Thomas has no special treatment for being the protagonist. He needs to gain the trust of the other characters before getting in charge.

Because of most of the book takes place inside the maze, the whole universe created by the author isn’t explored and we don’t know what’s going on out of the maze, making it a negative point. Another negative point is the only main female character, Teresa. She spends most of the book unconscious, and for that reason, she doesn’t have much importance.

The Maze Runner movie

Now about the film (2014, Wes Ball)

The film keeps the same fast rhythm and with plenty of action. Until half of the book, just a few changes were made, mostly with the passage of time. From the middle to the end of the film, there were major changes.

When you have to adapt something for another way to be told, doesn’t matter if is from a film to a book or a game to a film, you need to know that there are things that work best in a book or in a play, for example. So things that in the book take a long time, had to be adapted to fit into a film.

The performances and cinematography are good, but nothing too spectacular, and the special effects are great. The Maze Runner is a type of film that needs a lot of special effects. The huge maze moving, the monsters, the clearing… and all were very well made.

Unlike the book, the secondary characters in the film are a negative point. Not very well explored, they are present only as support for the main character and if you haven’t read the books, it can be difficult for you to care about them. Who has not read the book can also get a little bit lost in the story, as some things have no explanation in the film, being understood only by those who have read the book. In the adaptation, Teresa gets a little bit more prominence and importance, but nothing much more relevant, at least for now.

It’s not a splendid film, but in general, it was a good adaptation.

Tell me what you thought of the book and film!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, bye bye.

Book 4/5
Film 3,5/5

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