The Revenant

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We’re at that time of the year where the nominees for the most important awards of film and TV start to be revealed. As a film lover and a future film student, I’ve just started my marathon to watch the nominees.

The one I choose to start was The Revenant (2015 – Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu).

Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) part to the American West willing to make money hunting. Attacked by a bear, Glass is seriously injured and is left alone by his partner John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), who steals his belongings. However, despite all adversity, Glass survives and begins an arduous journey for revenge.

Starting with the good points.

The sceneries are stunning, the soundtrack is amazing, the art direction is great and the film was really well directed. The film gives the sensation of coldness, and isn’t because it takes place at a cold place, but because of its colour. The cinematography is completely amazing. I know I sometimes say this about the series and films I watch and I don’t say why it’s good. But cinematography, for me, is something very difficult to explain. In this film, it’s a masterpiece. There are a lot of long takes, which I love. Also, they only used natural light to film, which is something really difficult to do. Together with the cinematography, the performances are the best things about the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio is just amazing. I can be a little bit suspect to say this because I think everything he does is incredible, but he’s really, really good in this film. He gave his all and he doesn’t have a lot of dialogues, so a good part of the film is just his expressions and body language. The other actors like Tom Hardy, Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson are also great.

The film has so many good things, but as every other film, it also has some bad points. The first one and not too important: the duration. The film last 151 minutes, which is very long. Because of this, some people might find it tiring to watch. The main problem for me is the script. Isn’t a bad script, it’s just too simple. I was with really high expectations about this film, so I was expecting a little bit more about the story.

In resume, it’s a stunning film with a simple story about revenge.

Go DiCaprio, the Oscars 2016 is yours.

4 / 5

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