Goodbye London

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And it’s with tears in my eyes that I write this post in the departure lounge of Heathrow airport, London. After three months living a dream, it’s time to go home.
During these three months I’ve lived experiences that I’d never imagined living. During these three months I’ve cried because I haven’t wanted to go back, I’ve felt sad and lonely, I’ve got lost, I’ve had problems and I’ve solve them. I’ve met people from all over the world – even from my city Osasco! – I’ve made new friends, I’ve travelled, I’d made friends with squirrels and I’d been chased by geese. I’ve smiled, I’ve laugh, I’ve learned, I’d grown up, I’ve been happy and I’ve cried because I hadn’t wanted to go back.
Go back to my routine won’t be easy and it’s scary to think that now I don’t have any big plan to plan and dedicate myself. I remember thinking “What have I done?” at the first week I was here, and today I say that I made the best decision of my life.
The time was short, but the memories are immense and will stay with me forever.
I couldn’t finish this post without thanking the people who made this dream possible: my parents.
I remember as if was today the distinct reactions they had when I told them about my plans and how each one dealt with it during the years of planning.
At the time we are going through a very difficult time, which I’m still not ready to expose to the entire internet, and think now, my decision may have been a little selfish, but despite all, my parents supported me.
At this point, all my control has gone away and I’m crying uncontrollably in the middle of the airport, so I guess it’s better if I stop here.
I don’t know if anyone will read this text, but if you read and come this far, thank you for your patience.
And thank you London, I hope I’ll see you soon.

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