2015 Christmas wish list

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Christmas wish list

Christmas is around the corner and with it all the Christmas wish lists. I’ll be completely honest here, I’m probably going to win none of those things. I’ve just come back from my exchange and I don’t think I have the right to ask for something more, but we don’t pay for dreaming or wishing, so here is my Christmas wish list.

1 – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Illustrated Edition by J.K. Rowling and Jim Kay

Although in the picture is the Sorcerer’s Stone, I want the British version. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan so I NEED this book in my collection. I should’ve bought one when I was in London ):

2 – Black Suedette Block Heel Ankle Boots from New Look

Yes, it’s very hot here in São Paulo at the moment and summer will start in two weeks, but I want a pair of chelsea boots for a long time and they seem to be so comfy.

3 – Midi Dial Grey and Rose Gold Watch from Olivia Burton

I love delicate and minimal accessories and this one is perfect. It’s minimal and elegant, and I love the colours rose gold and grey.

4 – EF 50 mm 1.8 STM Lens from Canon

I love photography and I always want to improve my pictures. This lens is great because it makes the background out of focus.

5 – The Giver Quartet 20th Anniversary boxed set by Lois Lowry

I don’t know a lot about the plot, but I saw this box in a video of a Brazilian booktuber and I’ve just fallen in love! It’s so beautiful!

6 – Crosshatch Bow Shopper with Matching Pouch from Ted Baker

I saw this bag for the first time in my first month in London and since then I’m in love. It’s so pretty, delicate, has good quality and is with rose gold details.

7 – High Heel Shoes with Ankle Straps from Zara

I usually don’t wear heels, but in the last couple of months, I’m having a wish in wearing heels. I’m a small person and these heels seem so elegant e powerful. They don’t look comfy though.

This was my – impossible  – Christmas wish list. As I said, I don’t expect to receive any of these presents, but it’s just very fun search and dream about it.


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