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One of the most difficult obstacles I found with the blog and channels is to have inspiration. To put my ideas on paper and organize my thoughts have always been a problem for me. Eventually, I found some small things that help me in this process and today I’ll share with you.


Stay away from the internet and technology

One thing that always disturbs me when I’m trying to write is the internet and technology. I usually lose my attention very easily and when I try to write at the computer, I always end up stopping to search something and when I see, hours have already passed.

Inspiring place

Unfortunately, I can’t do this item very often, but I try whenever is possible. A place not too noisy and preferably close to nature helps me to organize my thoughts and gives me a sense of peace. Beautiful parks and beaches are my favourites.


Write down on paper

I like to feel the paper under my skin, to simply be able to scribble when I make a mistake. A notebook or a piece of random paper, doesn’t matter, my thoughts flow so much better when I write on paper.


Music is present in every moment of my life and no matter where I am, I’m always singing. It seems that when I’m listening to music I don’t need to think too much, the words come out naturally. For this moment I use very specific songs: some songs from the soundtrack of the film Titanic, created by James Horner. The songs are instrumental and melancholic, which makes me sentimental and consequently making my texts better.

The combination of those things has changed my way of writing and presented me a new pleasure. What once in school I’d do with obligation and difficulty, now I do with love and happiness. Those are things that help me, which doesn’t mean that it’ll work for everyone. The point of this post is to show some possibilities, but it’s up to you to go testing new ways, to discover yourself and to find things that will help you.

I hope I’ve helped you in some way, bye bye.

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