Notting Hill

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Since I arrived in London, I haven’t been in many places, but a neighbourhood I went on my first Saturday and has become my favourite place here so far is Notting Hill. The neighbourhood became famous because of the film Notting Hill (1999) by Roger Michell and currently hosts one of the most famous markets in London.

At the beginning of the market (or ending), you’ll find stalls with various types of food, including fruits and vegetables. Everything looks delicious. I ate two slices of pizza at a stall selling bread (and pizza, of course). Each piece cost £ 1.50 and it was very tasty.

A good soundtrack accompanied our lunch: a boy (first photo) was playing and singing Ed Sheeran, among other artists. By the way, his voice was very similar to Ed’s voice. Several super talented artists are always playing at the market and that’s one of the coolest things not only in Notting Hill, but in London.


Some of the biggest attractions are the stalls and shops. From antique to souvenir shops, you will find vinyl records, old cameras and phones, dresses, hats, posters and other things. By the way, there are two or three stalls selling beautiful dresses, shirts and coats for £ 10.00

In these shops, you can find all kind of stuff with London and the UK’s theme as mugs, coin banks, signs and even masks with the Queen’s face!! Some products such as key chains, glass cups, pens and small notebooks are £ 1.00 each.

And of course, there’s the bookstore that served as inspiration for the shop that appears in the film Notting Hill. The bookstore is at 13 – 15 Blenheim Crescent Street. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture it was crowded.

The Portobello Market happens on Portobello Street, a 15-minute walk from Notting Hill Gate tube station. Although basically every day the stores and some stalls are open, the complete market happens on Saturdays from 09 am to 19 pm. I advise you to arrive early and stay for lunch, but keep in mind that it will be busy.

That’s all for today, I’m planning to do more posts like this, talking a bit about some places I visit here.

I hope you have enjoyed, see you next time.

Bye Bye.

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