First impressions Fear the Walking Dead

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As a big fan of The Walking Dead, I was extremely excited, and a little worried, when I saw the news that a spin-off was being created. Would it be a different thing or just another way to make more money from something popular? I’ve  watched the first two episodes of Fear The Walking Dead and now I’m here to talk about my first impressions and expectations.

I started watching without expectations, but the series ended up winning me early on. Different from TWD, this one takes place in Los Angeles and will show us the beginning of the apocalypse. Just like the other show, we can see that the spin-off won’t focus entirely on the apocalypse and zombies, but in the relationship between the survivors.

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The performances are great (except Kim Dickens who plays the mother, she hasn’t convinced me yet). However, Frank Dillane stands out with an amazing performance playing the drug-addicted Nick. The cinematography is also good, letting the suspense scenes even more apprehensive. Fear The Walking Dead uses deep characters and family drama to make the viewer care for the characters (please do not kill Nick!).

According to showrunner David Erickson, the series won’t explain what caused the apocalypse. I really hope this decision doesn’t change, after all, this is exactly one of the strengths of The Walking Dead. The viewer just doesn’t know where it all came from.

I read many complaints about the rhythm of the series and the lack of zombies. But slow down people, we are just at the beginning of the chaos and in the first episodes.

Fear the Walking Dead was created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. It premiered on 26/08/2015 in the American channel AMC. If you’re a fan of the original series or if you like the subject, I super recommend you to watch. Just be aware that it’s presenting the beginning of everything.

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