2015 fall season most expected launches

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And it’s near one of the most expected time of the year for the series fans: the 2015 fall season. It is during the fall season (September to November) that many of the new series is launched (and when some of our favourite returning from hiatus). So today I’m going to show you the fall season’s series I can’t wait to watch.

Best Time Ever with Niel Patrick Harries – 15 September (NBC)

All the synopsis says is that it’s just a live time show where anything can happen. It doesn’t say much (actually it says nothing), but it’s with Neil Patrick Harries and I love him and I miss Barney (HIMYM <3), so why not?

Blindspot – 21 September (NBC)

A woman is found naked and without remembering anything in a suitcase in downtown New York with her body covered with tattoos. Later on, they discover that every tattoo is a crime to be solved. The pilot episode leaked on the internet a couple of weeks, but I didn’t watch.

Grandfathered – 29 September (FOX)

The series will follow the change in the life of a single man who owns a restaurant and will discover he has a son and is a grandfather. I currently watch three comedy series and one of them I don’t really like, so I’m looking for something new.

Scream Queens – 22 September (FOX)

Anthology show and the first season will pass in a university that hosts a series of murders. Ryan Murphy created the series and this is basically the reason I’ll watch (besides having Lea Michele).

Supergirl – 26 October (CBS)

The series is an adaptation of the comics of Supergirl, Superman’s cousin. This year I started watching Arrow and The Flash, two series also adapted from superhero comic books and I really like them, so I want to watch another show with the same theme. Supergirl also had its pilot episode leaked on the Internet in May.

These are the series I most want to watch, but I always end up including more during the season. And you, are you anxious to which debut? Tell me in the comments,

bye Bye.

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