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Stalker season 1 review

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Today I’m doing a review of the TV show Stalker. I finished this series at the end of June, but I had a creative block and I just couldn’t write about anything. Like last time, I did the review in video and text, so you can choose the way you prefer.

Kevin Williamson created the show. It premiered in 2014 and got cancelled in May 2015 on CBS, with only one season. As the proper name implies, the series is about stalkers, people who chase and are obsessed by others. Stalker is about detectives who work at a Los Angeles Police Department focused on such cases.

Let’s go to the first high point of the show: diversity. Before, when I thought of stalker, the first thing that came to my mind was a man chasing another person for sexual reasons. But the series opens your mind and shows how diverse this crime may be, from criminals to the motivations. For example, a woman stalking a young boy or a teenager stalking her own friend. Another great feature is the soundtrack. They use more familiar songs and put a darker touch, transforming them into something new.

One of the few points I didn’t like was the actor who plays Detective Jack Larsen (Dylan McDemott). Since I saw him in American Horror Story I didn’t like the actor. I think he has no expression and is always with the same face. It was a bit complicated because I only managed to create empathy for the character in the final episodes.

Another problem I had was with the final two episodes. The episode number 18 was good and had a great closure to the series. It made me feel like if the two subsequent episodes were expendable. For me, Stalker could have ended in episode 18.

The specialized critics didn’t like and some claimed that the show was too violent. And yes, the first few were a little violent, but it wasn’t something that bothered me.

As I commented on my favourite movies video, I love things that address this kind of issue. So this series couldn’t be different, I really liked it.

Now the only problem is that I couldn’t get enough of it and there are no more to watch.

4 / 5

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