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Sense8 season 1 review

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Today’s post is another review for you, but this time it’s about Sense8. I did the review in two ways: on video and text, so you can choose the way you prefer.

None of the reviews contains spoilers.

Sense8 is a Netflix original science fiction series created by The Wachowski Sisters and J. Michael Straczynski and it had the premiere of the first season last month (June). The series tells the story of eight connected people. Because of that, they share thoughts, feelings, abilities and moments with each other.

The show is not afraid to explore different cultures and opinions, leaving this clear with its eight diverse protagonists. Sense8 is more than a science fiction series, is a series about diversity, love and friendship.

The high points of the series are the wonderful direction and editing that made an impeccable work. As almost all the characters live in different countries, many scenes had to be recorded several times and in different places. Because of this, it’s something that could have gone completely wrong if it didn’t have a good editing and direction.

Sense8 uses flashbacks sporadically to assist the deepening of the characters, which are very well developed, some better than others, but all of them have their moment. The supporting characters are also very well used. Extremely charismatic and helpful, they bring comic relief to the show.

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Capheus – Image from Netflix Brasil 

As we are talking about characters, what I most like in the show is Capheus (Aml Ameen), one of the eight sensates who lives in Kenya. He’s the character with the worst living condition at the moment. He lives in Africa’s misery with a sick mother. However, Capheus is always with a smile on his face and even in the midst of all the difficulties, he never loses hope. We have the habit of being always complaining about small and superficial things. To watch, read or see the sad reality of thousands of people makes me stop and think about what I’m doing with my life, what I have done to help change the reality of these people and how much I’m lucky to have a place to live and what to eat.

The cinematography and soundtrack are also great. It’s with the music “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes that we have one of the best moments on the show.

The only few things I didn’t like were some unnecessary sex scenes and that the eight characters accept very quickly the whole idea of being sensates. If I started to hear voices and to talk to people who weren’t with me, I’d think I was crazy.

Sense8 has divided opinions: hated by the specialized critics and loved by the general public. As you may have noticed, I fit in the latter group.

Sense8 is one of the best series I’ve watched this year. However, if you don’t feel comfortable watching sex scenes or if you are young, I don’t recommend the show for you. But if you don’t care, go watch, you won’t regret it.

My score would be 4.8, but I rounded to 5.


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