Jurassic World review

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Jurassic World

Today I bring you my first review and is about the film Jurassic World (2015), directed by Colin Trevorrow.

Jurassic World takes place 22 years after the events of the first film. For 10 years the new park, now open to the public, was an unqualified success. However, over the years and the fact that dinosaurs are no longer something new, the public has been decreasing. This fact “forces” the park to look for something new and different, which to them means bigger, more dangerous and scary. Again, scientists try to play God and create a new dinosaur from the manipulation and mixture of DNA, and things get out of control.

I was excited to go to the cinema expecting to see a sequence of one of the trilogies I spent my childhood watching. But instead, I left the room with the feeling of having seen the same film, but with better effects. Practically a remake. Maybe because it has many similarities with the first one of the franchise, the film became predictable to me.

Mistakes in the script are also present, as the protagonist Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) run the entire film in the woods and mud wearing high heels. Or the adolescent who fix alone a car that spent years without working, only exchanging the battery. By the way, all ordinary 16 years old teenager has excellent mechanical notions, right?

Speaking of the creature, Zach (Nick Robinson), Claire’s nephew, fills the quota of the annoying teenager. With forced dialogues and actions with his little brother, Zach spends the entire first half of the film flirting with girls who also were in the park. Not to mention that he has a girlfriend that is in one of the most useless scenes of the film.

But Jurassic World also has positive points, such as the special effects. Visually speaking, the film is so beautiful. Another point that pleased me was the references to the previous films. Like the theme song and an employee using the shirt of the first park. Chris Pratt steals the show as the charismatic Owen. Along with the park’s new owner and a few other characters, he brings comic relief to the film.

With villains and some poorly explored characters, Jurassic World is a great film for those looking for action. For those who don’t care about not knowing more about the story of the characters and don’t expect to see something new and different. The film is worth because of the special effects and the nostalgia of seeing dinosaurs one more time, creatures that seem to be forgotten in the films lately. I just hope that this time, after two failed parks, scientists and millionaires have learned the lesson.

Bye bye.

3,5 / 5

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