May haul 2015

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Today I’m bringing something different here: a May haul.

I’m a very restrained person with my money, I always think a million times before buying something, especially living in a country (Brazil) where everything is very expensive. Because there are just a few things, I gathered everything I purchased/won in this month of May to show you.

May haul

  • Skirt: I love skirts. Love to use it in winter or summer, and as we are in autumn here in Brazil and winter is coming (GOT ♥), this skirt is perfect since it has a more thick and warm fabric. The stamp is also always super high during winter. Skirt from C&A.
  • T-shirt: I’m not a fan of T-shirts, but I ended up surrendering to this one. T-shirts are great for those days when we don’t want to think too much about the outfit. The black, white and grey ones are conquering me because they go with basically everything. T-shirt from Renner.
  • Pants: Basic clothing in the female wardrobe, all women should have at least one. Because I’m very skinny and I don’t have the Brazilian women’s curves, it’s difficult to me to find any pants that fit good on me here. But after much searching, I found one that fit like a glove in my body. Pants from Renner.

As you can see, I love clothes in shades of black, white and grey.

May haul

  • Book: The only book I bought this month. It’s basically about 12 people who are searching for 3 keys and who find it first, wins. With all this going on, the fate of Earth is at stake. This first book is about the search of the first key. Something that I found very interesting and made me buy the book is that there’s a puzzle inside where we readers can also try to search the keys over the internet.
  • Scarf: I am passionate about this colour that I don’t know how to describe. A pink off with a touch of lilac, perhaps? It’s great for winter, considering it’s big and warm. My mother bought for me and I already ripped the label, so I don’t know where it’s from.
  • Necklace and Earring: My father gave me this necklace and earring. (I also don’t know where they are from). Delicate and minimalist accessories favourites.

May haul

  • Set with a neck pillow and sleep mask: These two will help me go through the many hours of flight I’ll face in the near future. You can use it on both sides: one with the super feminine pattern of flowers and polka dots and the other with a kind of soft furry in baby pink colour (I am terrible with fabrics). Kit from Renner.
  • Set of three necessaries: Great for you to keep things organized. Plus, they match the kit mentioned above. Also from Renner.

That’s it for today.

Kisses and see you soon.

Bye bye.

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