Two unknown artists

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The emergence and recognition of new and unknown talent are for me something very important, especially these days, where the industry is saturated and we almost have always the same people dominating the top. Although I like quite a lot of the artists that are successful today, discover singers/bands not well known and support them is something that pleases me a lot. Especially when they’re different from conventional artists.

So today I’m here to share with you two artists I met not long ago, but that caught my attention.

Tobias Jesso Jr.

The first one I’ll share is the Canadian Tobias Jesso Jr. (29 years old). Tobias released his first demo (Goon) in 2013 and this year is making his first tour through North America and some European countries. His music is more of an alternative style and baroque pop, always accompanied by piano. His best-known song, which by the way is my favourite, is the “How Could You Babe”. Honorable mention for “Without You” which is also great. You can find him here.

Tom Rosenthal

The second is the Londoner Tom Rosenthal (27 years old). Tom has a folk style and is releasing his third album (Bolu) this month. My favourite song is the “Run For Those Hills, Babe” which unfortunately isn’t on YouTube, but you can listen here. Another music that I really like is “Everyone is Everyone Else”. You can find him here.

Both are very talented and they deserve much more recognition than they do, so check it out, you won’t regret.

And you guys, do you have any new/unknown artist to share? Tell me in the comments. 

Bye Bye.

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