The art of photography

Hello guys, today’s post is about my new passion: photography! Last month I bought my first DSLR camera and I took this time to test it. I am still learning and I need a lot of practice and inspiration.


I took this photo on the way to a country town here in São Paulo, Brazil called Aparecida, from inside of the car in the afternoon. I love the effect of sunlight through the trees.


The dog in the picture is Judy. She is the most good, kind and affectionate dog I have ever met. Judy is my grandma’s little dog, she is mutt and is very old (she is 12 years old).  This photo is historical, because, in all these 12 years, this is the second photo where she is looking at the camera, the other one was when she was a puppy. It is incredible, every time someone tries to take a picture of her, she turns her face to the other side.

Divergent series

Divergent series 2

Although I do not like this series very much (do not kill me, please), I think the books are extremely photogenic. My mum helped me take the last picture, so thanks mum ♥. I love photos in this type of framework and style. 

They are not the best pictures, but, like I said, I am just starting and only practice makes perfect.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos, bye bye.

PS: English is not my first language, so I am sorry for any mistakes. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

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