20 before 20

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In February I’ll be turning 20 years old and because I love lists, I’ve decided to make one with 20 things I want to do before turning 20.

Because time is short, I chose simple things that I know I can do with a little determination.

  • Do an exchange;
  • Be fluent in English;
  • Post my first video on YouTube; (Check here)
  • Climb on top of the Eiffel Tower;
  • Take my braces;
  • Do volunteer work;
  • Visit an NGO;
  • Read a classic in English;
  • See snow for the first time;
  • Make a radical change in my hair;
  • Watch all the movies that are on my Filmow’s list (180 at the moment);
  • Reach the milestone of 3,500 TV shows’ episodes watched (2.657 at the moment);
  • Reach 200 books read (132 at the moment);
  • Go to the show of some of my favourite artists;
  • Make an album of memories;
  • Take part in a photo project;
  • Do an extreme sport;
  • Start going to the gym and be healthy;
  • Buy two new cameras: Instax mini 8 and Canon AE-1;
  • Be happy.

For some people, some of the things may seem kind of insignificant, but they all have some importance to me and I really want to do.

Bye bye.

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